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Colette, Operations Manager
After over 20 years in the science industry, I have extended my interest to the family business. I am the creator of a few fun flavors and over a dozen unique design.
Lauren, Financial Manager
After completing my studies in Finance, I joined my family in creating fun flavors to brighten each special event. I love working with brides!
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Our Cupboard
The art of canning has become a lost art over the past 60 years. Even before 1951, Great-Great-Grandmother Priscilla shared her homemade preserves with her family and friends. It became an annual gift that many of her family and friends looked forward to. Priscilla wanted to pass on the tradition and skills, so she taught her granddaughter how to preserve homemade jellies and jams. To ensured that the art of canning was kept alive, that granddaughter taught the recipes and techniques to her daughter and to the fifth generation, her granddaughter.​
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Committed to helping our customers achieve their dream event
​​While preparing for a family wedding, the three generations of women realized that the only party favor that was worthy to be placed on the tables were the jellies and jams. To match the request of the bride, they decorated the jars with beautiful white lace. The jars seemed too incomplete so they added ribbon and matched the wedding's theme with a beautiful centerpiece. From that moment, Jelly Gifts were born.

Our Spoon: 
SpoonFull of Jelly creates homemade small batch jellies and jams using fresh fruit from our family's farms and local farms. Great detail is placed upon the growth and picking of our fruit. All of our preserves are processed through a hot water bath and have a shelf life of one year when stored in a cool place unopened. Please refrigerate after opening.

Our Dollop: 
Delight the guest at your next special occasion with 2, 4, or 8oz. jars of jellies and jams. With free consultation, we ensure that the jars are uniquely decorated to match your occasion.

SpoonFull of Jelly, LLC is family-owned and operated right here in Mehanicsville, VA. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are the best, and come with a personal touch. 
Gloria, Founder