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Crisp Leaves, Pumpkins and Apple Pie Jam
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Pumpkin Spice lattes and biscuits with jelly compliment each other well. 

​Apple Pie Jam, Triple Pear and Gingered Pear are making their annual fall debut.

If you are having an Autumn or Winter event, wedding, baby shower, birthday and more, consider sending your guests home with the most unique party favor. Your special occasion perfectly matches your personality. We bring that uniqueness to your jars. 

Spoonfullofjelly@gmail.com  , Mehanicsville,VA 
Jelly Gifts are 4oz and 2oz jars of handmade jelly and jam uniquely decorated to match your event. At SpoonFull of Jelly, LLC, we really care about the products we sell, and we’d like to share our most important services and products with you. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Being a family-owned and operated business, we’re able to offer you that personal touch you’ve been looking for. Our goal is to make all of our customers happy. 
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